April Fool’s Part 2

I was lucky enough to set two spoofs in motion this April Fool’s Day. One was for our staff on my library’s intranet page, and one was for the public on Twitter. I posted the staff prank in my previous post. Here’s the one for the public.

My library has many, many online services, including books on tape, downloadable books, online tutorial help, etc. We also have a Twitter account that I maintain with quick, 140-character messages about materials, resources, and life in the library.

Today, I decided to introduce a new service on Twitter — full-length “Books on Twitter” — and posted the following tweets each hour, all-day long. It took all day to finish just the first sentence!  (The full book would have been about 7,194 tweets had I kept going.) This might not be greatest idea, huh?  Oh, well.  It got some fun patron reaction anyway.  A dozen followers retweeted or replied with encouragement. NOTE: Read this in reverse order, starting at the bottom.


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