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What Would Google Do? (Jeff Jarvis)

It’s difficult to remember the Internet before Google.  In just over ten years, the little company begun in a Menlo Park, California garage has grown into a globally-known giant.  Its name has become a common verb.  Its search engine is … Continue reading

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Banana (Dan Koeppel)

Bananas start my day. I eat one almost every morning and seldom leave a grocery store without a fresh bunch. But the familiar yellow Cavendish banana is a threatened fruit, succumbing to Panama Disease in several parts of the world … Continue reading


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The Big Switch (Nicholas Carr)

History has been known to repeat itself.  In The Big Switch: Our New Digital Destiny [LibraryThing / WorldCat], Nicholas Carr identifies one trend that seems to be doing a rerun in our modern world.  He connects the rise of electrical utilities … Continue reading

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Freakonomics (Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner)

Back in my college days, economics was one of the careers I considered. I even graduated with a minor in the subject despite excelling in little more than the fundamental supply and demand graphs from my very first Macroeconomics 101 … Continue reading

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