About Steve

Shelf Portrait, 2007
Seldom seen without a book since age 7 when he bought a thin Scholastic Reader paperback which he still has, Steve Campion enjoys reading on many subjects: history, science, culture, sports, biography, humor, photography, adventure, the Pacific Northwest, etc. A little fiction; a lot of non-fiction. Mostly non-fiction. Hence the name. His book pile is generally filled with non-fiction of all sorts, but you’ll probably find a novel or a children’s book somewhere in the stack, too.  He has read over 1,500 titles since he started keeping a list.

He graduated from the University of Puget Sound, worked in a state museum and a county library, edits a state-themed website (WA-List.com) and owns an extensive collection of books. He lives in western Washington.

Visit his personal website.  Email him at steve @ stevecampion . com