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A Hard Day’s Write (Steve Turner)

What comes to mind when I mention a banker with a motorcar? Don’t most bankers have cars? Yes, but you probably thought of the same banker that I did. Have you ever heard of little Lucy O’Donnell? You know Lucy.  … Continue reading


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This is Your Brain on Music (Daniel Levitin)

Musicians are constantly toying with us. They roll a melody up and down a musical rollercoaster. They take us on unexpected sidetracks. They bounce themes from one instrument to another like kids playing hackey sack. And sometimes they smuggle other … Continue reading


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Stradivari’s Genius (Toby Faber)

Let’s agree on something up front: No audio clip of me screeching a bow across a violin string will be attached to this blog. You’re welcome. Now, then… Some books pique your interest into exploring things further. Stradivari’s Genius [LibraryThing … Continue reading

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