Self portrait, morning on the state border

Hi. I’m Steve Campion, and this is the page that corrals many of my interests and online activities into one place. I bike, read, write, photograph, bird, research, work in a library, work online, and carve elaborately-ornamented 17th century carriage trusses. (Eh, that last one isn’t quite true.)

Online I write WA-List, a state-themed website about anything and everything Washington. Its two companion sites — Northwest People and the bustling Washington State Events Calendar — shares people portraits and upcoming events we happily encounter along the way.  My book reviews appear on the Mostly NF book review blog. My photography shows up on both of those sites, but also on Flickr, Facebook, and library or travel websites from time to time.

Many other things I do don’t appear online. My dirty laundry, for instance, stays properly in the basket near the closet door. Even though I earned honors and a college degree in politics, my political view today stay mostly on the ballot.  Most contemporary politics, as far as I’m concerned, smells worse than my aforesaid dirty laundry.

There are other Steve Campions in this world — something I wasn’t aware of until I began pioneering social media for my library system in 2006. They may well be wonderful gentlemen each: artists, athletes, councilmen, reporters, and random guys in the phone book. But let me assure you that they are imposters all! They clearly show good taste in names, though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab a book, strap on a camera, secure my laptop, and go biking around the state. Please join me.